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Art Direction: Cristina Barna

3D: Romain Faure

FX: Josh Clos

Sound Design: Alec Considine - Mueller


Bloom  is a vignette about life and beauty in memory of Jenny Considine-Mueller. It's the result of a collaboration between artists from different backgrounds and skills, coming together to create a 3D animation with the purpose of personal expression.

It started in September 2015 when Josh Clos (FX simulations and dynamics) and Romain Faure (modeling, lighting, rendering and compositing) decided to work on a personal project with the intent of further exploring their abilities without restrictions. As soon as the idea became a goal, I was called to join in the role of Concept Designer and Art Director.  Being the first project outside of my fulltime job that involved other talents, I was extremely excited to jump on board. 

After agreeing with the team on a theme and a subject, I started creating mood boards and styleframes that would be the guidelines of the piece.

The idea was to illustrate a plant breaking through concrete as a symbol of beauty overcoming hostility. 

Styleframes for Bloom

Moving into production the load of work was massive. The project included many challenges, both creative and technical. The choice of setting the scene in a dark, detail-less enviroment made it so lighting and composition had to be carefully planned;  and the amount of fluid simulations and all-over FX made the project heavy to deal with.

Fortunately I was working with amazing artists that took every challenge and turned it into a learning experience and ultimately into what this project is today. Without their hard work, this piece would be the ultimate concept confined to my imagination.

Alec Considine-Mueller brought our visuals to life by writing and producing all the Sound Design which included a personally meaningful passage from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

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